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Dominate Your Market and The Competition Online

Dominate Your Market

Your future customers are online right now searching, calling, and buying. No matter what you sell or how you sell it nothing matters more than being where the hungry crowd is. Take the top spot in your market for the maximum amount of exposure and visitors to your site.  Being on the first page isn’t enough; you have to be in or near the top position to get the lion’s share of the traffic.

Get More Leads

It ain’t rocket science, but your site has to have certain elements in certain areas to leverage that positioning to the maximum effect.  Keep in mind that people on the internet are impatient; a converting site is only half of the equation.  You have to answer that call fast, and answer those questions fully.

Increase Your Revenue

Provide value to these leads upfront and convert them customers. Think long term; it’s easier to sell to a current customer than a prospect. We’ll help you continue to help them so you can achieve the maximum lifetime value of this new clientele.  In addition, we continuously monitor campaign performance to make sure you get the highest ROI for your business.

How We Are Different

As a marketing agency, it would seem we have a lot in common with other marketing agencies.  And as far the term “marketing agency” goes we do. That’s where buck stops though. Anyone can offer a service, but it’s something different to know why it works, when to use it, and how to optimize it. Let us worry about the metrics (you can see them if you want). We are  battle tested for everything we provide, so you can be sure you’ll get results.

Want more?  Well, we also do all the work in house by hand.  There are no hourly underlings toiling away with no clue or care about what they do. Your marketing plan will be developed and implemented by professionals all the way.

Oh yeah, we are campaign based, not contract based.  You can walk away at any point we hope to remain friends.

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Our SEO Service

We provide SEO, or search engine optimization. It is a form of internet marketing, but analogous to a real estate agent – in that we move you to the best location possible for your business. For brick and mortar stores there’s the old adage “location, location, location” and the same is true for a website. Yet when a website is first built they are like cabins the woods, meaning you can only find them if you know the domain name (the secret path), but not many people know of that path, and so the site does not have many visitors. To get more people to come by, the site owner has go about building more pathways to it (which are links to your website). Over time, those pathways become roads, and then highways. Many people come by to see what you have to offer – because you have effectively moved to the best location possible: the top of the search results.

How SEO is Different from All Other kinds of Online Marketing

SEO is known as pull marketing, where someone is looking for a business like yours. Because they are actively searching for what you provide, they are interested in hearing your message, which is why it is effective. Most other kinds of marketing/advertising campaigns are push marketing, meaning your audience is doing something else when they come across your message (like TV commercials or banner ads). While those methods can be effective, no other channel provides you with the quality of traffic (and hence ROI) that SEO does. Plus, because it is online and easily tracked down to the most granular of details, you know exactly where you are getting the best return within the SEO campaign, and can shift resources around accordingly.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

To make a website show up in the search results, you need two things: on-page and off-page optimization. On-page means that you make it clear to Google what your website is about, and where you are physically located (if appropriate). Off-page optimization is basically building links (pathways) back to your website.

Getting SEO done can be a little like taking your car to the mechanic, in that you probably know about what is being done to a certain extent, yet there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Most business owners who are actively looking to increase their web presence have looked into it, tried it to a certain extent, and had trouble making things work on their own. There are two reasons for that.

First, Google and the rest of the search engines are run by for profit corporations. That means that the rules change – a lot – and that they never disclose exactly how they rank sites. Because of that the only way to know is to first have a history of what worked before and then to have a working knowledge of the top factors that are used to gauge a website’s quality (because that’s what ranking comes down to – higher quality sites outrank lower quality ones). With that knowledge it is possible to reverse engineer what works now when an update rolls out. That’s why it takes a dedicated professional to get results, because things change quickly if you are not paying attention.

Second, most of the info freely available about SEO is badly outdated or just plain wrong. The internet is wonderful source of information, but also disinformation, and most people don’t know enough to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Save yourself the time and frustration – and ever increasing pitfalls – by getting a true professional.

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