Barrie SEO Services

Our core service here is local Barrie SEO, but it is the same process for larger, national terms. it is just a question of scale – the process by which a website ranks #1 for a chosen set of keyword in the search engines.

The SEO Process

It starts with planning what keywords you want to rank for. Ideally, you should pick ones that are most applicable to the business and show commercial intention for your product or service. Picking your target keywords is analogous to choosing which neighbourhoods you’d like your business to be in, and it is usually not the biggest, top level term. For example, if you are a car dealer the tern “barrie cars” might sound attractive…but it includes terms like “barrie remote control cars” and “barrie parts for cars.” Those are not a great match for a dealer, and besides, a serious buyer would be much more specific – “2010 nissan ultima front bumper” really shows what they are after. That is a valuable visitor.

Next, we build out the site to reflect those keywords and structure the website (known as silo structuring) in a way that makes it clear to Google (and the other search engines) what this site is about. This is known as on-page SEO, and if properly done it can have a very big effect on rankings. This graphic explains why this organization helps:

Unstructured Website

How Most Sites are Structured

SEO Silo Structured Website

SEO Silo Structured Website

Siloing both orders and themes a website, which is important for both search engines and people.

Next comes linking. Everyone has heard about it, and there are many theories as to the best way it can be done. We start with building citations, which is to say relevant directories. Legitimate businesses will be found in certain websites – like the Yellow Pages and other location and industry specific sites. This can also include social media accounts. Next, we syndicate content to a variety of other websites that are looking for content in your market. We add some press releases and other standard publicity tactics as well. An important note here is that by definition What Google Considers as Bad Links. People use the term black hat/white hat to describe their linking tactics, but more correctly all link building is gray hat, unless you are outright spamming. Nobody likes that, and it should be banned. Now, that said, Google is not the police. And they are not in the business of creating a problem where one doesn’t exist. What that means is that if your site has good metrics – a low bounce rate, has a high time on site and number of page views, and converts well, Google will know that you are giving your audience what it wants, and will reward the site accordingly. This is not to say you should then blast spammy links at it, just that following industry best practices for linking, and focusing on delivering a quality site to you visitors will bring results.

It’s important to realize that this process takes time. We generally say it will take 6 months to reach the first page – though it may take less in some cases. The reason for that is you don’t want to move so fast as to be unnatural, because Google can and does track that. Also, sites that rank fast tend to disappear fast as well, while a slow rise to the top is almost always accompanied by a stable position. This is one race where the tortoise wins every time. That said, please keep in mind we don’t require contracts. If you want to leave you are free to go, though if you decide to leave before our guarantee window is up we don’t offer refunds.

SEO is also like working out in that your results will stick for a while. Though they will fade over time and you’ll need a boost every now and then, you should really only pay for what you need, not year in and year out. That is no better than paid advertising.

How We are Different

SEO stands apart from all other professional services in that there is no standard accreditation process. Because of that, it can be extremely difficult to choose the right provider – as the wrong one can get your site deindexed (or not found because they play it too safe), yet at the same time the right one can literally transform a business in just a few short months.

We are aces, as you can see from our rank, but the biggest value we bring is being a part of an international mastermind of the top SEO marketers in the world. We are aware trends and best practices years before they become known to others, or required by the search engines (like Google’s recent mobile update). And no matter what the situation, we are at most a phone call away from a world class expert in the field. The first and most important step in mastering any field is to know who to listen to, and we are part of the best source in the world.

We also perform the work in house. The planning and implementation happens under our roof, and there’s a reason for that. Outsourcers can be used for certain tasks (like setting up accounts) but not for any kind of meaningful planning and implementation. Flowcharts and plans don’t mean anything if you don’t understand why it was set up that way in the first place, which is to say, it’s not the plan that makes the difference, it’s the brains behind the plan. Proper planning and strategy goes a long way towards bringing results. Much like a military battle it is the most skilled commander who wins, not the one with the most foot soldiers.

To get started, please fill out our current status form, or call us (705) 315-0305. Please leave a message if we don’t answer.