SEO Services Application – Please Read Carefully

Please be aware that the services we offer are not for every business.

While we would love to be able to work with everyone who requests it, we choose the clients we work with carefully to ensure their success, and hence ours. In addition, we can only work with a limited amount of clientele at any given point so we can devote the appropriate attention to detail that each marketing campaign needs.

Qualification Guidelines

1. You must have an established business. This means you already have a steady flow of sales, and are actively promoting your services. If you are just starting out, it means that epople are coming through the door and cash flow has been established.

2. No adult/gambling/pharmaceuticals. Not morally opposed, just that they are incredibly competitive and Google changes the rules for certain markets.

3. A good product/service and a good reputation. The way we do things will have a lasting result in the search engines, and will result in an excellent reputation. People expect the best to be on top, and that’s who we strive to work with. The question is do you put your customer’s wants and needs first?

That’s it!

If you meet those criteria please fill in the form below and we will set aside some time to talk about you business goals.

Once we receive the form we’ll take a look over things and then give you a call. Don’t worry, there will be no pressure, this is more of a match-making discovery session, because we may or may not be a good fit. The call can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and will discuss a range of topics – your offers, resources, market, and goals of course. And then we’ll get back to you with a custom plan to dominate your market and grow your revenue.

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