Online Reputation Management

Have you noticed how popular review sites are? Yelp, RateMyProf, AngiesList, RottenTomatoes, etc…all are dedicated review sites – meant to share with others what past consumers experienced. The reason they are around is that they are very popular; no less than 85% of buying decisions (either for or against) are affected by online reviews, as evidenced by this customer issue breakdown study.

People want to know what other people think about a person, place or business.

Most local businesses maintain a very high ratio of satisfied customers, yet it is impossible to please everyone. If you’ve been in business for any length of time you are bound to have at least a few customers who felt under served. Unfortunately, those are the ones who take to the internet to complain.

This video nicely sums it up.

The Importance of Social Media In Reputation Management

The thing about that review study was that negative reviews went to review sites, while positive reviews went to Facebook. Meaning that without social media channels, where do satisfied customers go? The answer is they don’t go anywhere. Which means that when the time comes for a balanced look, without social media the story is typically one sided.

Negative tirades don’t come from nowhere. Generally the customer will try to reach out to a business and only when that breaks down do they take to a third party site to vent. And at that point they are less than likely to pain an objective picture. This means that it’s more a matter of communication after the event rather than the event itself that causes the issue. So having open lines of communication where their woes can be recorded and responded to will eliminate a fair bit of negativity off the bat.

Social media gives these customers that avenue through which to reach your business and express their dissatisfaction in the early stages, allowing you to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Further reading on reputation management.

That’s Nice.  I Need Reputation Help Right Now.

Fair enough. Here’s how we handle the process;

  1. Create properties on high authority internet site and fill them with positive content.
  2. Monitor the situation to see how new commentary comes out over the following weeks
  3. Increase the ranking of the positive content, which pushes the negative stuff down
  4. Keep the positive content updated to solidify its position

It really is an offshoot of SEO, only it’s not one property that is being moved, it’s many. When done correctly it boosts bottom line performance more than expected, because now customers who were on the fence decide to give you a whirl, as would be expected from a company that has a lot of positive reviews.

The Rules

We don’t work with just anyone. When this industry first gained prominence about 10 years ago the majority of the initial clients were pedophiles; it tends to attract unsavoury characters. But innocent people and businesses also are in need of it too, most often ones that make a mistake without realizing the power the internet can have on operations. So here are our rules;

  1. Total Honesty about your history. Don’t hide anything, as it will come out sooner or later anyway.
  2. Criminal Record Disclosure. Not all criminals are bad, but not all should be helped either.
  3. A Generally Good Reputation. This is more for businesses. This just means they you try to do right by your customer, even if it doesn’t always work out.

That’s it. If you are interested, please call us at (705) 715-0305.